Hydralift™ 1000

Most Powerful Motorcycle Lift

Hydraulically lifting - the easy way to load your Motorcycle !

The hydraulically lifting Motorcycle Lift of Hydralift™ eased the transport of your two- or four-wheel vehicles such as Motorcycle, Scooter, Quad and so on. The Hydralift™ is the most powerful Motorcycle-Lift on the market and give you the possibility now, of the transport of very heavy Motorcycles or other Vehicles up to 450 kg / 1000 lbs. The Hydralift™ lifts higher than any other Power-Lift on the market, providing added security and valuable ground clearance. So you can easy tow a Trailer behind your Motorhome plus use the Hydralift™ at the same time.

The Hydralift™ motorcycle lift’s idea is to make sure the lift is not the lowest point of your Motorhome. If you were to install a motorcycle lift at bumper height (as with most other brands of motorcycle lifts made for Motorhomes) this would reduce your rear end ground clearance height.

You no longer have to load your Motorcycle or other Vehicle up to yor platform, but your lower the Hydralift™ by pushing the buttons of the remore control. Now you can easy load up and fix your Motorcycle. After this job your lift up the Hydralift™ by the power of the Hydaulc-Pump until the Hydralift™ automatic mechanical locked.

Your Motorcycle lifting up quickly and stressless. An more confartable Motorcycle Lift you will find hardly likely.

In contrast to other Motorcycle Lifts, the Hydralift™ works without Gear or Cable, but with 2 large Hydraulic-Cylinder. Because of this, there are no construction be in the way such as to the rear engine service door.

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