SuperSteer® reinforced Coil-Springs
for GM / Workhorse P30 / P32 Chassis

Reduce stress on your motor home’s suspension

„Tailor Made“ specifically for the exact Weight of your GM/Workhorse P30/P32 Chassis. A chassis manufacturer has no way of knowing what body will be placed atop its chassis, how much it will weigh, or where that weight will be placed. As a result, some motorhomes built on the Chevy/Workhorse Class A motorhome chassis don't have even weight distribution, which can result in listing, harsh ride, excessive sway, porpoising, dynamic changes in toe (alignment) and accelerated tire wear. SuperSteer coil springs are manufactered to match the weight of your motorhome, thereby restoring correct ride height, proper suspension geometry, ride qualit, promoting better handling and extended tire wear.

Because the Original Coil-Spings are designed too weak, the Original Coil-Springs are will be highly loaded and the problem is, the air bag style OEM Springs don’t match the exact finished weight, and therefore, contribute to bottoming out, swaying, poor handling and poor tire life and after a short time the Motorhome coyly drop their head.

( with Original GM/Workhorse Coil-Spings )( with reinforced SuperSteer® Coil Springs )

The reinforced SuperSteer® replacement Coil-Spings for the front axle of the GM/Workhorse P30/32 Chasses improve ride comfort and safety, and help “droop snoots” and “snow ploughs” to quickly return to their original stature. The vehicle is raised at the front by up to 100 mm / 4.0 inch. Thanks to the reinforced SuperSteer® Coil Spring and the front axle will then again be able to absorb potholes and poor roads. Special alloys ensure a long fatigue-free service life and ensure flexibility and spring force.

SuperSteer® Bell-Crank
for GM/Workhorse P30/P32 Chassis

Factory Original Bell Cranks are known to wear with relatively low mileage, causing dangerous rut tracking, road wandering and driver fatigue. SuperSteer® Bell Cranks help eliminate these problems increasing overall safety.

Looseness, or play in the steering wheel can often be attributed to the bell crank (or "idler"), which supports the steering linkage. Original equipment designs utilize common sleeve bushings, which often wear out prematurely and cannot be adjusted for side play. By contrast, SuperSteer® Bell Cranks utilize Hi-Tensile strength casting, spindle and tapered roller bearings grease-packed and sealed from dirt and water for life, which are far better at carrying load and can be adjusted to achieve precise movement.

The Original Bell Cranks works with simple busings. SuperSteer® Bell Cranks are using Hi-Tensile strength casting, spindle and tapered roller bearings grease-packed and sealed from dirt and water for life. You no more have to grease the SuperSteer® Bell Cranks in comparison to the Original Bell Cranks.


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