Conversion of American Motorhomes & RV's to GER/EUR Standards

If you import a New or Used USA Motorhome, Fifth-Wheel or Trailer to GER/EUR there are a few conversions & modifications that are necessary.

We specialize in complete USA RV required Conversions such as 120/240V, LPG/GPL, Vehicle-Lights,and the Documents necessary for German TÜV Certification and Vehicle Registration. ( TÜV = German Association for Technical Inspection )

Many Authorities of Europen Countries ask for German Registration Papers for American RV's. American Registration Papers show basic Infos. The German Vehicle Papers have much more infos such as Weights, Dimensions, Engine and Exhaust information.

We also offer this Service if you have not purchased your RV from us. We have done this for many people of european countries. Do not hesitate to call or ask us for a quote.

Attached below are a few pictures about our References.


Monaco Dynasty 40 ft. Bj. 2009

Forest Riv. Georgetown, Bj. 2008

Monaco Knight 36 ft., Bj. 2002

Beaver Contessa 38 ft., Bj 2008

Jayco Melbourne 29 ft., Bj 2008

Gulfstream BT Cruiser, Bj. 2008

Prevost XLV II 40 ft., Bj. 2004

Monaco Windsor 38 ft., Bj. 2002

Monaco Dynasty 40 ft., Bj. 2001

Damon Escaper 38 ft., Bj. 2002

Jayco Melborne 29 ft., Bj. 2007

Gulfstream Crescendo, Bj. 2007

Fleetwood Pace rrow, Bj.2006

Monaco Diplomat 39 ft., Bj. 2002

Monaco Dynasty 40 ft., Bj. 2001

Auflieger Gulfstream Yllowstone 37 ft., Bj. 2005

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