Service Department

Our professional Service Staff is qualified to provide many services to keep your Motorhome / RV running in top form. We do this with a modern servicedepartment that includes highly trained technicians, extensive supply of parts and accessories. We also provide services such as filling propane tanks, on site dump station, and water and electrical stations.

RV Parts & Accessories

We own a large Parts & Accessories Store with many parts in stock. Parts we do not have in stock, we are able to order direct from USA via Standard Shipping for lower the costs or via Express if you want or need the Parts very Urgent. Special for the GM 6.5L V8 TD Engine and the GM P30/32 Chassis we have a lot of Parts in stock.

Our Services include

- Computer Diagnostics for GM P30/32 Chassis
- Performance Coil Spring Upgrade for GM P30/32
- Windshield Service and Side-Window Repair
- Air Helper Springs Upgrade
- Chassis/Engine/Transmission Service & Repair
- Sales and Europe-wide Shipping of Parts
- Body Repair and Work and Body Painting
- Repairs of all American Made Motorhomes all Markers and Models
- Conversion to German/Europen Standards of U.S. Imports
- Service & Repair of all RV Appliances
- Electrical Work 12V / 120V / 240V
- LPG/GPL Gas and Plumbing Work
- Brake Service & Repair
- and many more

Windshield - Service

We specialize in RV Windshield Replacement on all Types of Motorhomes and know just how important the Windshield is to the structural integrity of your Coach. We order the Windshields direct from USA and most will take about 10-14 Days only to have them on hard at our Shop.

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